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An abundance of food is guaranteed with a CSA share. Read our post about making the most of your share.

For recipe ideas read through past blog posts for various meal ideas and watch the facebook page. Feel free to share with us any tried and true recipes of your own!

Below is a list of the various vegetables we have provided to our sharers in the past. It is not an exhaustive list and it is not necessarily what will come year to year.

You'll find nutritional information and an explanation of how you can prepare and eat them if you are not familiar. Some may be familiar items, but we've linked to some fresh new ways of preparing them.

Have any questions about what you've received, how to prepare it and store it? Let us know we'd be happy to help.

General information and ideas:

27 Ways To Make Your Groceries Last As Long As Possible

31 Things To Do With Confusing CSA Vegetables

19 ways to eat your CSA veggies

Getting the most from the farmer's market

25 tips to making healthy food affordable

Bernardin Canning

Guide to Canning Food

Plastic-free vegetable storage tips

Get involved with your kids, family, community:
Budding Farmer's kids CSA interactive educational package.

Recipes & cook books:

Sweet Sugar Bean is a great food blog which often uses recipes containing ingredients that can be obtained at RJR Farm or other local sources.

Cooking With What You Have is a recipe service which you can subscribe to yearly. It gives you access to a recipe bank for all kinds of veggies that you could receive in your CSA.

Harvest Hand has a recipe bank and community for CSAs.

Select Nova Scotia has a searchable recipe bank. Search by ingredient or by season.

Cedar Circle Farm recipe bank.

Wabi-Sabi Farm recipe index.

The CSA Cookbook can be purchased on Amazon.

Recommended cook books and sites.

Vegetable Recipe and information index

Last updated May 28, 2015.


Popular posts from this blog

We made green chile sauce and RJR salsa

We made several batches of salsa and then we had so many green tomatoes we made a few batches of green tomato chile sauce. We ate the extra salsa still hot yummy.


We have cucumbers. If we get rain this week we will have a lot of cucumbers. Our favourite types of cucumbers are Marketmore and Poona Kheera they are both tasty and make great pickles. Poona Kheera also can be used in stir-fries and chutneys. It is an unusual cucumber it has a white to yellow skin that changes to brownish red as it matures. Eat it as you would any other cucumber. A little grand-daughter of one sharer loves Poona Kheera so much at three years old she would gobble down a whole cucumber. Here is a recipe that we use:

Aunt Anna’s Mustard Pickles
10 cups cucumbers peel, remove the seeds and chop into roughly 1/2 inch chunks (7-9 cucumbers)
1-quart onions diced (6-8 white onions)
1-quart celery and cauliflower diced (2 cups of each)
1 red pepper diced (2 if you want more colour)
4 tablespoons pickling salt
Cover with 4 tablespoons pickling salt and water. Leave overnight. Drain well.
4 cups vinegar
6 cups sugar
4 tablespoons dry mustard
1 cup flour
1 teaspoons turmer…


We're expecting to have extra berries after our CSA sharers have gotten theirs. If you would like a crate or two for making jam, or maybe just a couple boxes for snacking, please give us a call. They are $4.50/box, $54/crate.