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What's a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a subscription based service where community members support farmers by providing capital investment through share fees. Literal seed money. As a sharer, you invest in the farmer, so they can invest in producing great food. Delivery is arranged each year with our sharers. We deliver to your door or neighbourhood in Charlottetown, Cornwall, Stratford, Winsloe, Milton, and nearby areas. We are expanding and have some more room in our CSA. If you want fresh vegetables delivered to your door. Sign up on our website
We also have a limited number of egg shares from our hens. If you want an egg share don't delay..

Some CSA benefits include....
  • Developing a relationship with the farmer who grows your food.
  • Peace of mind knowing where the food comes from.
  • Access to weekly fresh vegetables
  • Your food travels a much shorter distance – less impact on the environment
  • Investing in your health by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Exposure to new foods and ways of cooking
  • Save time from grocery shopping – get it all done in one go!
  • Great value compared to brand name store bought 'natural' and 'organic' products
  • Support local economy
Through the RJR 100 Acre Farm CSA you can...
  • Receive high quality delicious produce, delivered to your door weekly.
  • Learn about the growing process or enjoy the landscape by visiting the farm.
  • Learn new recipes and keep in touch through weekly updates
  • Customize your basket by trading with other sharers or for extra items
  • Have your voice heard- we evolve based on your feedback
  • Participate in a small community of other sharers and your farmer.
Sign up here.


1/4 Share (1 person) ($320 for 16 weeks - value of $20/wk). Includes an average* of 3-5 items.

1/2 Share (1-2 people) ($480 for 16 weeks - value of $30/wk). Includes an average of 5-8 items.

Egg Shares are available. You can subscribe to 1/2 dozen (2.50$/wk - 40$), 1 dozen (5$/wk - 80$), or 2 dozen (10$/wk - 160$) eggs per week.

Want to freeze or preserve?

Let us know you want extra vegetables. Prices and availability to be determined.

*(By average we mean sometimes you will get less, sometimes you will get more but it should even out over the 16 weeks.)
What will I get?

Double sized 1/2 share for one week
The contents of your share are subject to the season and weather. We will customize baskets upon request if we have extra of some items you can trade one thing for another. 

The amounts you receive will vary based on the size share you are subscribed to, and what is in season. Sometimes we will add in something extra that we have handmade such as a loaf of bread, herbs, fruit, or a jar of jam.

It is our philosophy that you get high quality and nutritious food in fair portions. We always try to give fair weight when packing up our CSA baskets. CSA sharers receive a better value than purchasing individual items from the farmer's market or grocery store.

We keep our prices low by giving you the produce straight from the earth. No bells & whistles, no fancy packaging, just pure goodness. You may get a crooked carrot, or a funny looking tomato, but it will taste just as good.

You can also order extras over and above what you will receive in your share as long as you provide a couple days notice so we can ensure availability and prepare the order. Great if you like pickling and canning.

To view a list of what our sharers received each week last year, click here.

Approximate availability of produce throughout season

Pickup or Delivery

Delivery is arranged each year with our sharers. We deliver to your door or neighbourhood in Charlottetown, Cornwall, Stratford, Winsloe, Milton, and nearby areas.

You may also pick up from the farm.

If you are going to miss a week you can arrange to have someone else assigned to receive your basket please let us know in advance. Any missed or forgotten baskets will be given to
PEI Food Share.


Payment is due in full upon registration and we do not provide refunds for missed weeks. If you plan to miss a week, we suggest you give it to a friend or neighbour.

We accept cash, cheque Payable to Rita Jackson, 871 Rustico Road, Route 7, North Milton, PEI, C1E 0X5, or e-mail transfer sent to csa @ (take out the spaces).

We are very flexible, if you feel the whole cost up front is a little more than you can afford we can arrange to break down the payments.

Our current CSA Sharers should re-new their subscription during the month of February for the following year.

Sign Up

Click here to fill out the registration form. The sooner the better! Once filled out we will contact you with further details. 


*Last updated January 19, 2018

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